Different ways to improve your balance and prevent injuries

As our bodies age, the threat of falling becomes more dangerous due to bone density loss and other natural factors. A simple slip and fall could result in ...
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Shoulder Surgery - Tips To Keep In Mind

Shoulder Surgery – Tips to Keep in Mind

Shoulder surgery is a complicated procedure for which you need to prepare yourself. There are many treatments available for treating shoulder injuries. However, when conservative methods of treatment ...
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elbow fracture

Elbow Fracture and Its Different Types

Elbow fracture is usually referred to the fracture in the bony tip. It is one of the three bones making the elbow joint work. There are many bones ...
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spinal tumor

Spinal Tumor and Its Their Different Types

Spinal tumor can be of different types. These tumors can cause back pain, spinal injury, and other related problems. There are primarily two types of spinal tumors, malignant, ...
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selection of an orthopedic doctor

How To Find An Orthopedic Doctor?

There are many orthopedic doctor options available in Sioux Falls. Let us give you some tips in helping you find the best orthopedic doctor in Sioux Falls. It ...
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shoulder injuries

Shoulder Injuries and Reverse Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder pain is a complex problem which can occur due to problems in the related tendons, muscles, and ligaments. The shoulder pain can reduce mobility, and decrease muscular ...
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hip replacement surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery and Things You Should Know

Let us have a look at the most important aspects of the hip replacement surgery. What is Hip Replacement Surgery? Hip replacement surgery is a painful procedure for ...
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shoulder injuries and their treatment

Treatments of Different Types of Shoulder Injuries

Let us first have a look at the different shoulder injuries which can cause problem. Rotator Cuff Tendinitis The irritation or inflammation of the muscles and tendons around ...
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Arthritis In The Knee – Signs and Treatment

Your knee can get affected by various kinds of knee arthritis. Let us have a look at the different types of knee arthritis. Osteoarthritis The common type of ...
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Knee Replacement Surgery and Alternative Treatments

Total knee replacement or TKR or Total Knee Arthroscopy is a surgery for replacing an arthritis knee with artificial joint. The artificial joint of knee is known as ...
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