Tennis Elbow – Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatment

Tennis Elbow Surgery

Tennis elbow or tendinitis results in the elbow and arm pain. The tendons connecting tissues with the lower arm to the bone have the tennis elbow problem.

Common Causes Behind Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow gets developed gradually over time. Repetitive motions like racket swing or other activities involving muscle strain put stress on the tendons.

Typical Activities which may cause Tennis Elbow include the following.

  • Weight Lifting
  • Fencing
  • Playing squash
  • Tennis or Racquetball

There are some professions in which individuals are at higher risk of having tennis elbows like knitting, raking, painting, typing, and carpentry.

Symptoms Associated with Tennis Elbow

Two of the common tennis elbow symptoms include tenderness and pain in elbow’s bony knob. Sometimes the tennis elbow pain may radiate into upper or lower arm. The damage in the elbow can make it difficult to perform routine activities.

Treatment for the Tennis Elbow

Most cases of a tennis elbow heal without any treatment required by a qualified doctor. However, if the pain does not subside with time, you can consult your orthopedic doctor.

Let us look at the commonly advised treatments of tennis elbow pain.

  • The patient is asked to undergo physical therapy to strengthen the muscles.
  • Sometimes, the doctor recommends the patient to perform different exercises to help improve flexibility and reduce stiffness.
  • The use of anti-inflammatory medication like NSAIDS to reduce pain and swelling. Please only use medicine on the advice of your doctor as they may possess side effects.
  • Patients may use elbow strap for protecting the injured tendon.
  • To apply icing on the elbow as per the directions of your orthopedic doctor.
  • The patient may need to have steroid injections or painkillers to get some relief from the pain.

Most of the reasons for tennis elbow pain get treated by the traditional methods. In rare cases, the patient may need to undergo surgery.

In tennis elbow surgery, the orthopedic surgeon repairs or removes the damaged tendon. The tennis elbow surgery is usually successful.

Tennis Elbow Surgery Recovery

The time for recovery from a tennis elbow surgery depends on the patient. A patient with more damage to their elbow will take more time to recover.

It is always good to take more time when recovering from the elbow surgery.

These are some of the symptoms that you have fully recovered from tennis elbow surgery.

  • You do not have any trouble gripping objects or lifting heavy weights.
  • You do not feel any swelling in your elbow.
  • Your elbow feels a lot stronger like it never got hurt.
  • You can easily flex and move your elbow without any problems.