The many benefits of robotic hip replacement

Whether you’re an orthopedic hip specialist or someone suffering from joint pain, you don’t need to be an expert to understand the enormous impact that hip pain can have on how you live your life. Fortunately, thanks to improved technology in hip pain treatment, sufferers can get a new lease on life by undergoing robotic hip replacement. While it might sound like a serious step, some of the best Sioux Falls orthopedic surgeons will tell you that when it comes to stopping hip pain in its tracks, few treatments are more effective in the long term than replacement, especially for long-term sufferers. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few ways in which robotic hip replacement can help anyone dealing with serious joint pain.

Extreme Precision
Robotic hip replacement uses modern technology to create the most precise, low-risk hip replacement procedure possible. After an initial CT scan, your doctor is able to access a 3D layout of the area to plan out the scenario before starting the procedure. This creates a much more precise, detailed process that leaves nearly zero room for error. By planning out the surgery beforehand, doctors are able to create a blueprint of the procedure in advance, getting access to details and possible complications that before could only be seen during surgery.

Speedy Recovery
The precision of the robotic implant doesn’t stop at the initial scan. The procedure uses all the information from your scan to figure out exactly how much damaged tissue exists in the area. Using this information, your surgeon will be able to spare as much healthy tissue as possible. This will help your body heal faster and adapt to your implant much more easily over time. Many patients are even able to start moving around a few days after the surgery without risk of pain or loosening. Your implant will be placed in a way that helps your body move more naturally with the implant due to the precision of the procedure. Rather than creating too much stress on the body by placing the implant in an approximated area, the robotic implant will be able to take the exact place of your natural hip.

A “Smart” Implant
Since robotic technology allows surgeons to more precisely “place” the implant in the body before the procedure, the traditional issues of hip replacement surgery, including looseness and length irregularity, are virtually canceled out. The implant is able to receive information in real time, allowing for a precise placement in the body that nearly eliminates the failure rate. The interactive technology creates a significant change in the way the procedure is undergone: Where previous implants were generic and unable to be matched to the specifics of a patient’s body, newer technology allows for a virtually flawless fit that makes the normal issues of hip implants, such as loosening or straining, far less of a possibility. With more bone tissue left to create a natural cocoon for the implant and less possibility of a poorly-matched or loosely-placed implant during surgery, the robotic implant is able to mimic the replaced hip joint with stunning precision.