Injuries or conditions that cause hip pain can impact your mobility, reducing range of motion and making it hard to perform even simple activities like sitting, standing, and walking.  You may experience chronic or intense pain, depending on the cause, and this can seriously affect your ability to lead a normal life.  If you want to treat your condition and get back to being your best self, you may need the assistance of a qualified orthopedic hip specialist Sioux Falls.

The board-certified physicians at Sioux Falls Orthopedics are ready to provide the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and care you need to address your hip problems.  Whether you need rehabilitative services, hip surgery, or the specialized care involved in orthopedic surgeons hip replacement, we have the qualified, compassionate, and experienced professionals on staff to provide diagnosis and treatment.

What are some of the most common hip issues we encounter at Sioux Falls Orthopedics?


When fluid-filled sacs, or bursae, that cushion the joints become inflamed or irritated, patients can suffer significant pain.  Hip bursitis, in particular, can make sitting, standing, and walking difficult, to say the least.

Femoroacetabular Impingement

This painful condition occurs when the ball and socket that make up the hip joint don’t fit together as they should, often due to irregular bone growth.  This can reduce flexibility, limit mobility, and result in severe pain.

Gluteal Tendinopathy

Tendinitis occurs when the tendons that connect muscle and bone become irritated or inflamed due to overuse, injury, or chronic disorders.  Gluteal tendinopathy is the most common form of hip tendinitis and it can cause pain during movement, especially if it goes untreated and patients continue to move and exacerbate the condition.

Hip Fracture

When you fracture an extremity, it can certainly slow you down, but it’s not likely to stop you from moving around.  When you fracture a crucial bone like the hip, which plays a role in sitting, standing, and walking, it will impact your mobility and your life immeasurably, and it may require hip surgery to repair.

Hip Labral Tear

The cartilage that cushions the hip joint and holds the ball securely in the socket can become injured due to trauma like a car accident, but a hip labral tear is more commonly associated with repetitive motions like those involved in sports.  This injury can cause aches and/or sharp pain in the hip and groin area.

When you suffer a hip injury or a chronic condition that causes pain and diminishes mobility, you need the expert services provided by the qualified and caring specialists at Sioux Falls Orthopedics.  Contact us today at 605-336-2638 to start your journey to pain-free hips.