We’ve all experienced the pain of accidentally knocking the funny bone against a hard surface, but this pain subsides.  When you suffer from elbow injuries or chronic conditions, you could experience ongoing pain and limited range of motion that affect your ability to perform normal motions, not to mention more strenuous activities.

You needn’t suffer when you have the right orthopedic elbow specialist Sioux Falls on your side, and the trained and experienced professionals at Sioux Falls Orthopedics are ready to provide expert diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative care for everything from sprains to elbow fractures.

What are some of the most common elbow problems we encounter at Sioux Falls Orthopedics?


The bursae are fluid-filled sacs that help to reduce friction in joints.  When they become irritated or inflamed, patients may experience weakness and sharp pain that radiates through the arm, especially when twisting or grasping with the hand.  This condition is unlikely to improve without professional care, and it often worsens over time if not treated.

Elbow Dislocation

The elbow joint is formed where the radius and ulna (the bones of the forearm) meet the humerus (the upper arm bone).  These bones can move out of alignment, or become dislocated, due to accident, injury, or other trauma.  This can cause tingling, numbness, swelling, limited mobility, and severe pain.  It is rare for this injury to self-correct, so patients should seek medical assistance from orthopedic surgeons specializing in elbows immediately.

Forearm Fracture

Because we often rely on our forearms for defensive postures, they can become fractured in a variety of ways, such as blocking an object coming toward the face or protecting our bodies from a fall.  When a fracture occurs, patients will suffer symptoms like swelling, bruising, and severe pain.  Seek immediate diagnosis and treatment if you suspect a fracture.


Elbow tendinitis, commonly called tennis elbow, is a condition characterized by irritation, inflammation, or swelling of the tendons that connect the upper arm bone to the bones of the forearm.  It is most often caused by repetitive motion and can result in tenderness, pain, and decreased mobility.

Whether you’re in need of rehabilitation or elbow surgery to deal with pain and trauma, the board-certified specialists at Sioux Falls Orthopedics are ready to help.  Call us today at 605-336-2638 to learn more.