What you should look for in an orthopedic surgeon

Whether you are planning a joint replacement surgery, or are simply having some minor orthopedic pain, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing orthopedic doctors in Sioux Falls, SD. While many folks choose to go with a recommendation from their primary care physician, peace of mind often comes from taking an active role in selecting a new doctor.

If you want to feel confident in your decision, here are some things to look for when considering an orthopedic surgeon.

Past Successes

Going with a recommendation from your primary care physician is the quickest way to find an orthopedic surgeon, but what if you have specific wants and needs? The best people to seek personalized recommendations from are your family and friends.

Asking someone you trust for a referral is the most reliable way to find a doctor that fits your needs. Be sure to ask specific questions about their experiences, and what they liked about their surgeon. If you like what you hear, you are on the right track to finding the surgeon for you.

The Right Choice

Not so fast! Whether you heard about them from a friend or found them online, it is best to do your research before scheduling a consultation with a new orthopedic surgeon.

There are a number of search engines and websites dedicated to finding your ideal practitioner, based on your individualized set of criteria. Once you have found someone that looks promising, navigate yourself to their website.

Solid References

Once you find yourself on a potential orthopedic medicine site, take a look at their credentials and reviews. Their website should list their areas of orthopedic specialty and educational background, as well as any hospital affiliations. Not only should you make sure they are listed, but that they are reputable and trustworthy.

Keep in mind that reviews can be heavily skewed. That being said, if navigated wisely, testimonials can be helpful representations of what your future doctor has to offer. Make sure to read a number of reviews to get a well-rounded sense of their pros and cons.

First Impressions

A consultation is a great way to get to know a new medical practitioner before embarking on any major treatment plans together. Most clinics offer appointments for patients to disclose their concerns and discuss possible treatment options with a doctor.

This is a great time to ask questions not found in your web research. Also, feel free to schedule consultations with a number of surgeons. Shopping around is the key to finding a doctor that works best for you.

Trust Your Gut

Whether you have met with one doctor or several, instinct is the best way to make your final decision. How did they make you feel? Did you feel heard? Was your mind put at ease? These sorts of questions are key in establishing a strong doctor-patient relationship.

There are a number of options when considering new practitioners. If you have questions, or want to set up a consultation, contact a Sioux Falls orthopedic clinic today!