Elbow Dislocation

The separation of the bones which make up the bones causes elbow dislocation. The separation of the joint is the most common reason for this kind of injury.

Symptoms of Elbow Dislocation

  • The out of place or misshapen of the wrist.
  • The feeling of tingling or numbness in the wrist joint and surrounding areas.
  • Limited movement of the wrist.
  • Bruising or swelling.
  • Intense pain.

Treatment for Elbow Dislocation

  • The doctor may advice the patient to use a sling or splint for a few weeks.
  • Sometimes, there is no help required and the wrist might pop up back into its place. In these cases, the doctor only needs to place the bones back into alignment called reduction.
  • The use of physical therapy can also improve strength and increase range of motions.