An Introduction To Problem of Gout

The gout is sudden pain or swelling in joints and body’s soft tissues. Therefore, a patient may suffer from high uric acid when their body is developing more than normal levels of uric acid.

Hyperuricemia is an increase in the uric acid level in the bloodstream. As a result, increase in uric acid is also known as inflammatory arthritis.

Gout or increase in uric acid

Area of Human Body Commonly Affected by Gout

These are the areas of the human body commonly affected by high level of uric acid.


Furthermore, around 15% of the people suffering from gout develop kidney problems.

Tendon Sheaths

Consequently, increase in uric acid also affects the tunnels which protect the feet and hand.


The bursa or fluid filled sac to provide a cushion to bones under the skin may also get affected because of increase in uric acid.


Hence, other areas of the human body which may get affected due to gout include hips, knees, and fingers.

Population in the US Affected by High Level of Uric Acid

Most noteworthy, around 6 million people or 2% of the entire US population has gout.

Here is a list of people who are more prone to developing a gout condition

  • People have a family history of high level of uric acid.
  • Individuals with health conditions which can result in kidney disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure.
  • Patients under medication for different conditions including organ transplant aids, diuretics, and aspirin can increase the levels of uric acid in the blood.
  • An increase in alcohol consumption can lead to increase in uric acid.

Best Doctor for Gout Problem

Gout is a medical condition which affects the overall human body. A qualified orthopedic doctor is the best medical practitioner to diagnose gout related medical conditions. An orthopedic doctor possesses knowledge on working of soft tissues and joints in the human body.

The doctor advises a personalized treatment plan for a uric acid patient as per their individual health needs. The primary objective is to help relieve the pain of the patient and reduce joint damage. A preliminary investigation can determine if the patient needs medication or has to undergo surgery.

Whether you are diagnosed with a uric acid problem, or your symptoms point to this issue, you need to contact your orthopedic doctor in Sioux Falls, SD immediately.