Shoulder Surgery – Tips to Keep in Mind

Shoulder surgery is a complicated procedure for which you need to prepare yourself. There are many treatments available for treating shoulder injuries.
Shoulder Surgery - Tips To Keep In Mind
However, when conservative methods of treatment do not work, you need to undergo shoulder surgery. The type of shoulder surgery decides the instructions that you need to follow. The best person to give directions is your orthopedic surgery doctor in Sioux Falls Orthopedics. However, here are some general tips that you need to follow to prepare yourself for the big day.

Try to Decrease Swelling

There are different types of cold therapies that can help the patients reduce their shoulder’s swelling. Therefore, as per your doctor’s advice, you need to follow a cold therapy. The cold therapy will help you reduce swelling which is a primary cause of pain. You can use from different types of cold therapy devices or ice to alleviate swelling. The orthopedic surgery doctors usually ask the patients to use cold therapies for a short period frequently.

The Use of Narcotic Pain Medicines

The orthopedic surgeon may recommend the patient undergoing shoulder surgery to use narcotic medications for pain. Therefore, it is important that you take medication as per your doctor’s advice. If you delay or miss your medication, it may result in severe and unbearable shoulder pain. Therefore, if your orthopedic surgery doctor asks you to take medicine just before anesthesia, you should take it. Sometimes, you may feel nausea or vomiting when taking these medications. Therefore, taking narcotic medicine can help you sleep early.

Rest Your Arm After Shoulder Surgery

It is important to remember that some shoulder surgeries require immobilization. However, other operations do not require the patient to immobilize their shoulder. Therefore, ask your orthopedic surgeon what type of rest your arm needs post-surgery. For example, after some shoulder surgical procedures, you may be allowed to carry out your daily chores like typing on your computer. Make sure that you are strictly following the doctor’s instructions until full recovery from the surgical procedure. Always confirm the precautions you need to take before heading home after the operation.

Go for Surgery with a Friend or Family Member

It is always better to go with any of your family members or friends who can provide assistance before and after the surgery. You will need pre and post-surgical care of your shoulder. The doctor will ask you not drive your way back home. Therefore, you need to have someone assisting you to get into the vehicle before and after the surgery. The person accompanying you may help with simple tasks like picking up things. The help from a friend or family member will contribute to avoiding unnecessary pain.
Work on Getting a Comfortable Sleep
It is not going to be easy to go to bed after a shoulder surgery. Many people find it hard to sleep with a shoulder immobilizer or sling. Therefore, you need to take a mental note of not rolling onto the shoulder that underwent surgery. You should consider sleeping in the recliner. You may also try using a sofa to sleep by supporting your arm against cushions. You need to try different positions to find a comfortable position to sleep.