Shoulder Dislocations

Shoulder dislocation is one of the most painful shoulder conditions a patient may have to bear. Shoulder dislocation results because of the shoulder joint-jolting out of the socket. Most of the shoulder dislocation injuries occur due to sports related activities.

Symptoms of Shoulder Dislocation

  • The patient is the feeling of numbness or tingling.
  • There is swelling and bruising of the shoulder.
  • The injured patient’s loss of shoulder mobility.
  • The patient feels extreme pain in the affected shoulder’s area.
AC - Seperation image of the shoulder.

Treatment of Shoulder Dislocation

  • The doctor may physically relocate the shoulder back to its original position by placing the ball back into the socket without requiring the patient to undergo surgery.
  • Sometimes, surgery becomes necessary if shoulder dislocation is not occurring for the first time. The surgery tightens or repairs the ligaments.