What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Image 2

It is a painful medical condition caused by compression of the median nerve within the wrist area.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

These are some of the common symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • The tendency to drop objects from your hand due to weakness.
  • A dull ache in upper arm, forearm, and hand with discomfort
  • A burning and prickling sensation in the hand.
  • Changes in the color of the hand skin. Dry or swelling skin of the hand.
  • Losing or having reduced sensation or feeling for touch in hand.
  • The feeling of tingling or numbness in your fingers or hands extending to thumb, index, middle or ring fingers.

Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sioux Falls Orthopedics team of doctors is led by Dr. Dave Watts, MD. We treat our Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patients using incision in the wrist area. The surgeon will dissect the transverse carpal ligament to release pressure on the median nerve. This process enlarges the carpal tunnel. The surgical procedure adopted may vary according to the medical and general health conditions of the patients.

In some cases, you may be suggested to practice post-operative procedures to speed up recovery and avoid recurrence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Avoid smoking to promote healing and eating a healthy diet.
  • The use of physical therapy to help the wrist get back to its full strength.
  • The use of plastic wrap to cover the surgical incision while keeping it dry and clean.
  • Reduce swelling by regularly applying ice packs to the surgical area.
  • To wear the splint until full recovery from effects of the surgery.